Welcome to OHSI’s Verification/Homeowner Education page.

Both the verification process and the Homeowner Education Program were designed to be easy to complete from the comfort of your home. If you have any questions about these requirements, be sure to discuss them with your intake agency, as your continued eligibility is dependent on your timely completion of these processes. The completed form is due to your local intake agency by January 20, 2017.

MPAT Verification Form: January 2017

MPAT Loan Number:

Step 1: Home Rescue Program Eligibility Verification


1. The combined gross income of all program participants identified above does not exceed the following limit, based on the date range and household size identified: (check box above current month and next to appropriate household size)

HOUSEHOLD SIZE January (01/01/16– 12/31/16) April (01/01/17–03/31/17) July (04/01/17–06/30/17) October (07/01/17–09/30/17)
1 $62,160 $15,540 $31,080 $46,620
2 $70,980 $17,745 $35,490 $53,235
3 $79,940 $19,985 $39,970 $59,955
4 $88,760 $22,190 $44,380 $66,570
5 $95,900 $23,975 $47,950 $71,925
6 $102,900 $25,725 $51,450 $77,175
7 $110,040 $27,510 $55,020 $82,530
8 $117,180 $29,295 $58,590 $87,885

2. The property identified above is occupied by at least one program participant and is that participant’s primary residence.

3. The property identified above is being maintained in good condition.

4. No program participant identified above is in active bankruptcy.

5. No program participant identified above owns other residential real property.

6. No program participant identified above has been convicted, within the last ten (10) years of any of the following in connection with a mortgage or real estate transaction: (a) felony larceny, theft, fraud or forgery; (b) money laundering; or (c) tax evasion.

7. At least one program participant identified above is actively participating in the Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative’s Homeowner Education Program.

Under penalty of perjury, I/we certify that all information provided by me/us to the Oregon Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation and/or its agents is true and accurate. I/we understand that providing false representations herein constitutes an act of fraud. False, misleading or incomplete information may result in my/our termination from the Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative and may violate state and/or federal law. I/we further understand that information and documentation supporting my/our participation in the Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative may be requested as part of ongoing compliance and monitoring activity performed by the Oregon Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation, the State of Oregon, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, or their agents.

SIGNATURES (All program participants identified above must sign)

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Signature Box 3

Signature Box 4


Please return the completed form to the local intake agency where you submitted your application by January 20, 2017. Click here and scroll to your county to find specific contact information. Please make sure that all forms are signed with ink. We do not accept electronic signatures. Most agencies are able to accept faxed or e-mailed documents. Please confirm with your agency the method they can accept.

MPAT Verification Form (1/9/17) – Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative

Homeowner Education Program

Watch the 4 videos by the end of the first quarter (March 31, 2017).